Art Bank Philanthropy


What can you do with unwanted, decorative art?

Many individuals look for thrift shops or flea markets to sell pieces they are no longer interested in, but for most, discarding artwork or donating to local thrift shops are the only viable alternatives.

The Art Bank invites you to expand your vision.  By offering unwanted or donated artworks to charitable organizations for the purpose of fundraising, auctions, or other revenue producing efforts, you can directly impact for good.  And the response is great! We’ve seen first hand how much our partners value a beautiful painting or wall hanging, especially when it can further than goals and bring beauty into someone’s life.

So yes, we’re glad to accept artwork that you’re ready to part with and donate! And of course, you’ll get a charitable tax deductible receipt for the value of your donation.  We also offer artwork through Internet auctions, through our own website, gallery and direct sales, and philanthropic donations.

We work with reputable art galleries, art dealers and brokers, and other regular suppliers of art who are known to us, specialize in art, and are resources for our business. Where applicable, we are selective in offering artwork for sale and validating available information on the source, provenance, and authenticity which is accurate to the best of our knowledge.

Our efforts don’t stop at finished works and projects.  Often unused, discarded and unwanted supplies can be reused and repurposed to help organizations meet either educational or hobbyist needs.

Increasingly, art is also being used as collateral.  Our work with art dealers, private equity firms, and other art experts can help you in valuation, appraisal and exchange of art on the market as a commodity.


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