national rural assembly wants your big idea – what if we???


The National Rural Assembly is founded upon three major tenants: kids, climate, and culture. And while we remain focused on our mission of advocating for spiritual and sacred art and faith, it remains true that one of the components we love about the good NRA (ha) is its Rural Arts & Culture Working Group.

It happens that during 2017, the bi-annual assembly will not be held.  Instead, a collaborative think tank has been established to gather YOUR BIG IDEAS.

The “big ideas” initiative is driven by support from The Duke Endowment. A diverse group of 40 rural leaders will gather February 21-23, 2017 for some creative and intense brainstorming. They will be asked to put forward their best thinking around how the larger collective can achieve a stronger, more just nation.  The hope is to emerge with one or more “big ideas” that can be carried forward in rural America.
You can participate in this initiative and in the ensuing work from your desk by completing one or all of these steps:

1. Fill out the initial participant questionnaire. Your responses will be shared on the Rural Assembly Big Ideas webpage and with those gathering in February.
2. Give your big idea:  Just open with, “What If We…” and email it. Your Big Ideas will be shared with meeting participants, and you may be asked to expand it as a blog post.
3. Follow the Big Ideas Forum on Facebook and Twitter platforms. Use #ruralbigideas.
The Art Evangelist is a full-service liturgical art advisory specializing in sacred, visionary, and spiritual art. We work towards interfaith creative placemaking in sacred places and public places.   How can we help you grow today? 941.875.5190



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