city of north port extends belle soiree invitation

The Art Evangelist has received an invitation to participate in the 2017 Annual Belle Soiree in North Port, Florida for the third consecutive year.  The North Port Art Advisory Board extended their thanks for our participation in demonstrating some of our favorite art media at the annual Belle Soirée.

Date: 1/26/17  Times:  Event from  6:00pm to 8:00pm

Venue:  City of North Port City Hall, 1100 N. Chamberlain Blvd., North Port, FL  34286, Phone 941.240.8532


The evening is one where citizens can increase their awareness of the Arts, all types.  Artists focus on the demonstrations of the craft of making or producing art. In the past years, Shauna Lee Lange, Founder of The Art Evangelist has demonstrated for the public, large-scale neo-pointillism techniques and rock, stone and pebble painting with mandala patterns.  Many other local area artists provide a range of art immersion activities to include dance, music, visual arts, fine arts and workmanship in crafts.



The Belle Soiree is hosted by the North Port Art Advisory Board, which is an advisory board to the North Port City Commission. This is the seventh annual event, which has taken different names over the years and was originally created in 2010 to be part of the regional Festival sARTee. The goal of the North Port event is to recognize local artists and celebrate the artistic community. North Port is the largest city in the region with more than 60,000 residents.

“In 2017, we will see to bring greater awareness to the availability of art in the Belle Soiree. Particularly for those who believe they are too young or too old or too without talent and skill, we will show that art starts at the idea and inspiration phase and there is no wrong.” – Shauna Lee Lange, The Art Evangelist

Since North Port City Hall opened in 2006, the government building has featured a rotating art gallery on both the first and second floors. Recently, the third floor was added to be part of the art gallery. During the Belle Soiree, additional art will be hung on the walls and set out for display.


Shauna Lee Lange (2016) Private Collection

Shauna Lee Lange’s neo-pointillism art is communicating, listening and seeking understanding.  The work is laboriously hand-rendered with many interdependent pieces containing well over 100,000 micro circles of varying sizes and shapes in an individual work.  As life has holes, Lange seeks not only to show a finished work, but also to accept the open and slower spaces between individual components and to accentuate them.  A late-emergent, self-taught artist, Lange is a United States Veteran. A resident of Southwest Florida since 2011, she is a driven arts advocate, speaker and arts education proponent. Immersed in visual thinking, communication and culture, Lange’s personal art and her firm’s work seeks to encourage large-scale, public art thematic works in nature, faith systems and personal geographies.  She holds a prior 15+ year US Government career in management and regulatory analytics. Ms. Lange will be featuring repetitive patterns, doodling, and other sketching and drawing in 2017.

the art evangelist is a full-service liturgical art advisory specializing in sacred spaces, public places, and creative placemaking.  We seek to unit artists, art and art programs with faith communities.  How can we help you grow today?  941.875.5190


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