calling englewood: sequential community art

We just returned from a rainy Saturday’s art exhibition and reception for a community art project. In Calling Englewood, new works based on previous sequential works were created, all stemming from an original photograph in one of four tracks. Artists were only able to see the rendered piece immediate to their own, and from that work derived a new interpretation.

Below is our collage contribution (right) Flora Fiesta (2015). The impressionist inspiration to the left was an acrylic painting with a palette we often see in Southwest Florida, muted blues and greens.  We wanted to re-introduce collage in this sleepy, beach retirement community with bold primaries as a way of saying “wake up, we’re not dead yet!” The community should embrace a celebration of life, color and vibrancy. Calling Englewood is the first exhibition for the Englewood Art Center in 2017 and is being featured with Clyde Butcher’s esteemed and phenomenal large-scale black & white Everglades photography.

People’s Choice Voting | Wednesday, January 4 – Saturday, January 7, 2017 at 12 pm

Exhibition | Open to the public through Friday, January 27, 

For those of you who are not familiar with the Calling Englewood… exhibition, it is a experiment in community and creativity that EAC tried for the first time this season.  Each piece in the show was inspired by only the previous artwork in the progression — like the retro game of telephone, hence the name Calling Englewood…

Special thanks to Joyce Ferrie for planting the idea seed for EAC to embark on this fun and creative exhibition!

It’s my regular practice to bring my son to receptions and it’s a joy to see the works he gravitates to, which increasingly are works of trees. Today he tried his own hand at photography, and in a surprise shot of me, he’s managed a swirl blurred background as a neat effect. Children see things from a different physical and mental perspective; let’s try to remember that with all our project submissions.


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