Call to Artists: Religious Art & Architecture Displacement, Security & Safety (closes 12/1/16)


Call to Artists: Works in faith, belief, liturgy, or sacred systems WANTED by 12/1/16


Sacred spaces and places have for millennia been the targets of man-made and natural disasters; our own age has been marked by tragedies at religious sites around the world. How do we make our sacred places and spaces more safe and secure in the event of displacement through attacks or natural calamities.

How can we make sacred spaces and places for communities in transition because of these events? What role does sacred and liturgical art play in displacement, security, and safety in environments for worship?

A special theme issue of an industry Journal on Religious Art and Architecture will explore the possibilities, techniques, and practices to create safe and secure sacred places and spaces that respond to upheavals in our contemporary world.

Those with art projects, installations, commissions (built or concept) addressing these topics, or those who wish to contribute an article on to this issue, please contact The Art Evangelist – Liturgical Art Advisory by email at All media considered, no fee for submission.  Limit of 3 images only, please.  Deadline December 1, 2016.  No phone calls, please.

The Art Evangelist is a Liturgical Arts Advisory working at the intersections of art, nature and faith for sacred spaces and public places.  


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