the clarion list review


We’re sharing an exciting new art start-up: The Clarion List.  This free, online resource has essentially created a growing “Yelp or Yellow Pages for the Art World”!

Founded in 2015 by former Christie’s execs, Jessica Paindiris and Gaia Banovich, the two created The Clarion List as the leading online resource to discover top rated art service companies worldwide. Better yet, it gives art collectors access to reviews of a range of providers, services, and extra networking information.

“While we were there [at Christie’s], we noticed that the art market was very opaque,” Ms. Paindiris told the Observer. “We realized everyone was relying on word of mouth or referrals. This is kind of silly. We should welcome the art world to the 21st century.”.

You can review, search, and filter through thousands of art service companies across dozens of art service categories, including art consultants, appraisers, conservators, framers, storage and installation companies, auction houses, private dealers, e-commerce platforms, forensic analysts, galleries, collection management software and more.

Begin searching art service provider listings in your area. Refine by category and subcategory, number of employees, years in business, or rating to find exactly what you’re looking for.

“We’re trying to democratize the art market, and make it accessible and transparent for the first time,” Ms. Paindiris explained.

The Clarion List offers even more.  ART SERVICE PROVIDERS – If you’re not already on the list, all business listings are free.  Be sure to claim and manage your existing listing likely already created for you, or contact the resource.  To be added, click here: Details Here.  Learn more about how this information network works here and how to share your review of a listed company in just minutes here.

“We felt that there’s a lot of blogs and new sources out there about art, artists and art values, but what was lacking was more of an educational component,” Ms. Paindiris said. Besides aggregated articles, the Clarion Circle also includes original content written by the co-founders.


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