documentary: the faces of santa ana


In this moving, timely, and honest documentary, we are introduced to Brian Peterson’s Faces of Santa Ana Project.  Arts Collective is featuring an exclusive showcase to show the unreleased, award-winning, 15-minute film on homelessness and humanity in mid September 2016. I have watched the film; it is simply breathtaking.   We inspire others to see the beauty and uniqueness inside those who feel invisible. Our art carries the power to love, humanize, share stories and financially support our neighbors without homes.

John Wyatt (featured portrait)

“This is how my sister must see me” 

In 2013, John’s wife passed away. He met her when they were both residents in a homeless shelter and they both turned their lives around and found Jesus together. The passing of his wife left him hopeless and now he finds himself experiencing hopelessness again. John regularly displays generosity towards all his neighbors and spends much of his time, talents, and treasure helping others however he can. He spent the last few years alongside his buddy James who has continually become ill. After a visit to the hospital for a bacterial infection, his friend James was discharged and we haven’t seen him since. John longs for the day he will see James again.

John now attends church with me every Sunday and I have seen a lasting change in his heart. When he first viewed his painting, he was shocked by how alive the piece portrayed him. “This is how my sister must see me”, he explained. John is now finally starting to see how much life he still has left within himself.




BRIAN PETERSON, CREATOR:  I am an artist from Miami, Florida currently working as a car designer for Kia Motors in Irvine, CA.  Faces of Santa Ana is a passion project where I set out to befriend and paint portraits of the homeless community in Santa Ana, CA. I then sell the artwork and use proceeds to help in rehabilitating my newfound friends. The mission of Faces of Santa Ana is to locally help those in need while also inspiring global spectators and supporters of the movement.

My Christian faith has led me to do the lord’s work mentioned in Matthew 25:34-40. I have found great satisfaction and learned a lot about myself while helping those in need. This project has also reignited my passion for painting and continues to teach me about unconditional and sacrificial love.

DAUD SANI, DIRECTOR/DP:  Born in Pakistan and raised in the US, Daud has a passion for telling stories through visual medium which is evident in the  personal touch of his filmmaking style. Daud has written and directed short films, commercials and music videos while working his way to making his debut feature film in 2017.  What drew Daud to filming the “Faces of Santa Ana” story is Brian’s one on one, human to human interaction with each and every homeless person he’s helped, proving that compassion and love on a personal level works.

WENDY CAMPBELL, PRODUCER:  Co-owner of Retina Cam and Retina Cam Productions, Faces of Santa Ana is Wendy’s second short film shot in 2015.  Her first film “Visitors Parking” was selected for screening in several festivals while winning a Best Short Film award at the Action on Film Festival in September 2015.   Wendy was touched by Brian Peterson’s story from the minute she met him and was driven to share it with as many as possible via documentary. The press and positive response to the film including being selected to screen in six festivals and winning two awards so far is icing on the cake.

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