Young Chloe heard Paul describe the many temples he saw while walking the streets of Athens.  Chloe ingeniously arranges the different temples along her idea of Church Street in Athens.  There is an Athena Church, a Zeus Church, a Hera Church, a Demeter Church and the Church to the Unknown God.  Chloe’s unit on Greek Mythology at school must have been extensive as she includes symbols of each of the Greek Gods above the doors of their temples.

The Church of the Unknown God has a cross above the door signifying how the Apostle Paul captured it for Christ that day in Athens.  We see Paul standing outside the church proclaiming to a gathered crowd, “He created the world! He is the true God.”  Because Chloe lives in Colleyville, TX and attends the United Methodist Church there, she also artistically renders a picture of that church (with a cross) on her own physical Church Street.  A brilliant right and left side brained drawing, we love that it can be flipped upside down.  Power and love to you, Chloe.

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