Yes, there is a guy who still paints barnsThe Barn Artist Scott Hagan specializes in hand painting larger than life designs on various types of structures. Best known for painting barns, Scott’s overall goal is to paint in every state. So far 18 have been checked off the list since his work began in 1997. That’s the year it all started when Scott decided to paint something on his father’s barn as a skills challenge.

It all began when The Ohio Bicentennial Commission was looking for a unique way to advertise its upcoming 200 year birthday, and upon seeing a photograph of the beautiful Ohio State Buckeye logo painted on our family barn, they began to spin the idea for a statewide project.

Scott had gained local notoriety painting sports logos on old barns in Belmont County, Ohio. His first project was a Chief Wahoo emblem from his favorite team, the Cleveland Indians. Hagan’s talent was recognized at school and he was asked to paint the baseball field advertisements, and even the school mascot on the 50 yardline during football season.

Hagan’s painting work has been featured in several state promotional videos, a national video essay entitled “Discoveries…America”, several magazines including “Out Here“, “Country Magazine“, “Ohio Magazine” and more. “USA Today“, “The Wall Street Journal“, and even “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not” have written articles showcasing his talent and expertise.

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