Brookyln-based artist Amanda Browder and a crew of installers draped an abandoned Broadway building in huge sheets of fabric donated and knitted together by Western New Yorkers over a four-month period.

The fabric was donated at many sites around Western New York, collected and sorted by Albright-Knox staff and sewn together in a series of 30 community “sewing days” in venues throughout Erie County.

Christopher Byrd, a neighborhood advocate and publisher of the website broadwayfillmorealive.org, praised the project for drawing attention to an intersection whose best days seem behind it. But Browder’s project, in its subtle way, suggests that might not be true.

“It’s going to get people to pay a lot more attention to the building itself. There’s no doubt about that,” said Byrd, who has long advocated for the sale of the building to a community-minded developer. “It can do nothing but help raise the awareness for this building.”

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