Lange selected for Art of the Heirloom: National Heirloom Expo


Shauna Lee Lange, Andy Firk’s Bamboo Groves (2016), watercolor on paper

Self-taught Florida Watercolorist Shauna Lee Lange of Lange: Art, Agriculture, Agritourism has been accepted to Art of the Heirloom Exhibition at the National Heirloom Expo in Santa Rosa California’s Sonoma County Fairgrounds in September 2016.


The 6th annual National Heirloom Exposition began in 2011 as a celebration of pure food and sustainable living.  It has become the world’s largest annual heritage food event. Thousands of people come from around the world to the Expo to celebrate traditional crops, foods, seeds, poultry, and livestock.


Featuring the largest display of heirloom produce, many small gardeners and large farmers supply an abundance of fruits and vegetables for exhibiting and tasting. More than 350 related and like-minded vendors include seed companies, tool companies, accessories, food, produce, garden products, and much more.

The fun and educational activities are sure to influence the way people view food and our sustainable future. There is an outstanding line up of more than 100 nationally and internationally known food, farm and garden speakers that will impress even the most discerning. Visitors are entertained all day with old-time traditional music.

The National Heirloom Exposition has always been and continues to be a not-for-profit event with all proceeds above expenses being donated to local school and educational garden projects.

lange: art, agriculture, agritourism.  Exploring and expanding the intersections of art, agriculture, agritourism, and agrarian systems.  We specialize in Florida’s creative placemaking.  How can we help you grow? 941/875.5190.



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