perils of nude fly fishing


Ray Troll created this humorous line drawing of salmon art – just look at how realistic they are! (ha).  After finishing art school, he relocated to Alaska in 1983.  That’s when the immersion into Alaskan fish culture began.

Living in Alaska, especially in its coastal regions, fish are a large part of society.  Whether that be politically oriented or how one makes a living, fishing for fun or even expressing it’s existence, is often expressed through art forms. The salmon is all around.

“There’s the commercial side of it, people making a living with it. The sport side of it, people having fun with it. The science side of it, people doing the science on it. The management side of it, the fish and game, the politics of it. The art of it, the culture of it. You name it, there’s all these sides to it. Forgive the pun, but I sort of swam through all those topics,” Troll said.

Troll’s renditions of everything from salmon to marine mammals to creatures only found in the fossil record have become iconic in fishing, scientific, and environmental activism communities around the world. He seeks inspiration from extensive field work in marine science, paleontology, geology, ecology, and evolutionary biology.

His paintings and mixed-media drawings are in the collections of the Miami Museum of Science, the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture, Alaska Airlines, the Anchorage Museum, the Alaska State Museum, and the Ketchikan Museum.

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