trump hut: luxury in raffia


This is the Trump Hut.  And without making any specific political statement, I’m sharing it for the artistic value of political art using an agricultural or agrarian base.

Maybe you’d like to stay in it while it’s camped outside of Trump Tower.  Or perhaps you got your picture taken in it while it was at the RNC and DNC.  Or maybe you’d like one of your very own (it’s possible).  Or maybe still, it’s an upgrade from your current quarters and you could never even IMAGINE living in such luxury.

“We hope that we will do our own small part to keep the election somewhat focused on the wealth divide, which we think is an important issue to people who haven’t necessarily committed to one party or another,” [Doug] Cameron said. “Our vision is that anybody can become a part of the Trump Hut real estate empire if he or she wants to.”

The “Trump Hut” gets its gorgeous flowing locks from a material that’s central to its message: Mexican raffia, a straw used in grass skirts. It was constructed by Roxana Casillas, an artist born in Mexico.

Now, raffia has a natural resistance to water but is not waterproof.  When it gets wet in the rain, it will shrink and loose a considerable amount of body. To restore your hut you will have to allow it to dry and stuff a towel in the apex and use a low to medium heat of steam iron and lightly press the raffia into shape being careful not over press.  The steam from the iron should restore your hut back to shape.

If you can’t press your hut, allow it to dry completely and hold the exterior of the hut over a steam (like a steam grate) and allow the steam to penetrate the hut.  Once the desire shape is achieved, allow the hut to air dry completely away from direct sun light.  There you go!

lange: art, agriculture, agritourism.  Exploring and expanding the intersections of art, agriculture, agritourism, and agrarian systems within Florida’s creative placemaking.  How can we help you grow? 941/875.5190.



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