Boca Grande’s Virtual Farmers Market is a new, online virtual space for high-quality art, crafts, and food artisans in the Southwest Florida region.  The exciting cyber-space will offer unique real-life platforms for traditional festival and fair vendors to showcase their whole products, IF they can match the detailed, critically aesthetic eye of the market founder.

For the coming farmers market Season 3 in October 2016, and the approaching Florida high activity of winter arts just ahead, the original Boca Grande Farmers Market, now entering a third year of operation, will expand with out-of-the-box thinking.  With the addition of a virtual space and platform for artists, crafters, or cottage industry food producers interests in mind, and island residents and tourists experiences at heart, Lange seeks to bring to the remote area amazingly fine, gourmet, and exceptionally rare items that speak to artists’ established processes and pursuits.


Lange is looking to utilize Boca Grande Virtual Farmers Market as a vehicle for those who may not be able to travel to the island to showcase, or may not be able to commit to a physical market’s schedule, or who are not yet developed enough to run a small business enterprise but who need a champion to bring quality goods to the public eye.

For the past two seasons, Lange has worked to promote an on-island culture of eating well, healthy, and whole.  She has cultivated a family of trusted vendors to her physical market who share in that commitment.  Time and again, visitors lamented the loss of arts and crafts as a result of a long-standing and prohibitive Lee County ordinance newly enforced in 2015.  Lange is now banking on the technological age in hoping to attract those who seek exceptional goods in an electronic space.

In just a few short months, the virtual market will open their doors to the arts and crafts artisans who also provide good taste in more ways than one.  The effort will provide the coastal paradise with a new way to shop local, shop new, and shop gorgeous, and Lange will specifically seek out those with area ties.  Items of particular current interest to the US Veteran and serial arts entrepreneur are those that incorporate slow systems or whole plant life with a distinct nod to chemical-free nature – apothecary, aromatherapy, hand-crafted journals, historical shell crafts, and botanicals to name a few.

Potential vendors will have a dedicated marketer and promoter who will enthusiastically share offerings to already established savvy audiences. Lange believes with her understanding of the area’s physical markets, Florida’s agricultural and arts venues as a whole, and the offerings of established and new local vendors, that her curatorial eye will make the virtual market not only the first ever of its kind in the area, but also a crown jewel for years to come.

Vendors are encouraged to write bocagrandefarmersmarket@gmail.com or call 941.875.5190, or mail letters of inquiry to Box 3564, Placida, FL  33946.  Daily updates are also available on Facebook.



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