sun mad raisins: unnaturally grown


Esther Hernandez wanted to talk about the issue of pesticides.  In 1974, while still a student at Berkeley, Hernández had joined Las Mujeres Muralistas, San Francisco’s first all-Latina mural collective.

So armed with those continuing political leanings, and a concern about agribusiness and political art, she took a powerful Warhol-ish printmaking image to reinforce that you may think these are naturally grown grapes you’re feeding your kids, but you’re actually giving them poison.

“It took me two years because I didn’t know what to say,” said Hernández in her sunny studio and living space in San Francisco’s Mission District. “I wasn’t sure what to do or if I should let it go like everybody else.”

Her piece replaces the smiling woman on the box with a skeleton and the text under the logo reads, “Unnaturally grown with insecticides, miticides, herbicides, fungicides.”

lange: art, agriculture, agritourism.  Exploring and expanding the intersections of art, agriculture, agritourism, and agrarian systems within Florida’s creative placemaking.  How can we help you grow? 941/875.5190.


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