mobile whole foods market as win win


How much we love a mobile whole foods market is a LOT. Conversion of old buses in serving low-income neighborhoods is not new.  What IS new(er), is rolling out high quality organics for food security for ALL.

In most models, the price of the food can’t be lowered significantly because of the cost of operating the vehicle (gas, maintenance, tolls, tires, insurance, etc.). Regardless of operating costs, it’s still a GREAT idea, especially for communities with no looming delivery service or communities that are food deserts.

Mobile markets address the need for fresh, quality produce in remote locations, neighborhoods where a grocery store is nowhere in sight, or areas where food delivery is simply too expensive for residents. In their current model of development, some neighborhoods don’t receive adequate transit service or people don’t own cars and the local grocery store is just too expensive or far away. We agree that mobile markets offer a low cost place to buy quality produce while meeting neighbours close to home.

Plus, they are a super fantastic way to build community while marketing your farm.  And we love the fact that they can pull double duty as emergency response vehicles.  Something goes wrong, drive up and start dishing out some strawberries.  🙂

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