self-driving cars reroute placemaking


The Project for Public Spaces recently shared interesting advancements in the automobile industry, complete with history and exciting forward opportunities.  Most notable to us was some of what they thought about building places for people as opposed for cars and transportation and how trends WILL require mind shifts.

“There are many other ways in which we can begin to rethink the use, ownership, and control of car-dominated road space—which amounts to about one third of all urban land. If the advent of a self-driving future does remove nine out of every ten vehicles on city streets, thus eliminating the need for all on-street parking and 80% of off-street parking, as some studies predict it will, this presents a huge opportunity for reclaiming public space. Unused parking lots and driveways can become parks, gardens, community centers, or other destinations. Street closures for events or time-of-day restrictions can be communicated to vehicles directly as places to avoid. Local placemakers can demand that municipalities incorporate such re-designs and conversions into their planning documents and codes, and new space can be devoted to housing, offices, and retail.”

While policies at all levels still favor the car and car-oriented lifestyles, progress continues from the city-led expansion of human-scale interventions to newly flexible federal street design standards. As these positive trends take hold—many of which are community-driven—there are also a number of advocates aiming to extend these victories to new policy regarding automated vehicles. The work of these individuals and organizations will help to redefine mobility in the coming decades, and self-driving cars can be positioned to strengthen these kinds of interventions, including:

In short, it’s a great time to rethink your local roadways with an eye to the future.

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