The Hive at the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew in London has just opened. It is a unique, 17 meter (more than 55 feet) high structure, inspired by scientific research into the health of bees.

Designed by U.K.-based artist Wolfgang Buttress, it was originally created as the centerpiece of the U.K. Pavilion at the 2015 Milan Expo.

The installation is made from thousands of pieces of aluminum which create a lattice effect and is fitted with hundreds of LED lights that glow and fade as a unique soundtrack hums and buzzes around you.

These multi-sensory elements of the Hive are in fact responding to the real-time activity of bees in a beehive behind the scenes at Kew. The sound and light intensity within the space changes as the energy levels in the real beehive surge, giving visitors an insight into life inside a bee colony.

(This post sourced from a 6/23/16 Forbes Article, When Art Serves to Concentrate the Minds of Investors)

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