luscious lavender in south africa


Canettevallei Lavender exploits all facets of wine, pomegranate and lavender farming, from agri-processing to being a location for shoots.

Canettevallei is a wine and lavender farm that lies tucked away in Stellenboschkloof, a quiet valley situated about 10 kms outside Stellenbosch in the Western Cape.

After travels to France and specifically Provence, they decided in 2005 to plant lavender in front of their home on the farm. This decision led to a business when they extended the land to three hectares of the lavender hybrid ”lavandin abrialis” (angustifolia x lavandula latifolia).

Today Canettevallei grows lavender using organic practices to develop unique, farm fresh lavender products for body, gifts and weddings. Our main products are lavender essential oil and lavender rice, the sweet-smelling dried flowers of the lavender plant.

art & agriculture: shauna lee lange.  We explore and expand the intersections of art, agriculture, agritourism, and agrarian systems in creative placemaking.  How can we help you grow? 941/875.5190.


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