Nichole Taylor’s Blood, Sweat & Tears is a stunning work in colored pencil on Arches Hot Press watercolor paper.  She’s exhibiting it with about 3 dozen artists through the First Peek exhibition slated for the newly opening Southern Utah Museum of Art.  The Museum’s mission is to exhibit, collect, and preserve historic and contemporary works of art significant to the interior American West.

Taylor writes, “I spent my life in agriculture, and that background in farming, ranching, and rural America energizes my work. I strive to capture simplicity—objects and scenes of a lifestyle so easily overlooked. This is the heart of my art because this is the heart of who I am.”

Realism plays a dominant role in Nichole’s work. From the grass rising through the course sagebrush to the morning light gleaming around gaps in the rough-hewn logs of a saddle shed, Nichole strives to capture the fine details that abound in the ranching and agriculture heritage. Her inspiration (which she writes about in her blog) stems from the stories of the ranchers, farmers, and families who have committed their lives to some of the most demanding but rewarding industries in America. The lifestyle is the art, rugged and harsh but beautiful with a gritty simplicity.

art & agriculture: shauna lee lange.  we’re exploring the intersections of art, agriculture, agritourism, and agrarian systems.  941/875.5190.


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