Berkeley-based tattoo artist Cecilia Granata wrote and illustrated a vegan cookbook:  “Mama Tried: Traditional Italian Cooking for the Crude, Screwed, Vegan and Tattooed”  In it, she shares her commitment to ethical and artful eating.  The alphabetically-arranged volume with over 100 recipes ranges from traditional favorites from across Italy to homemade liqueurs to aphrodisiacs—all “senza sofferenza”—without suffering.

In addition to her writing and cooking talents, she’s a narratively-rich artist, creative, and painter working in skin, crafts, illustrations and posters … and she maintains an artsy food tattoo-ey blog. Now it’s summertime, and maybe you’d like to try your hand at one of the MILLION of recipes on how to make authentic limoncello.  Here’s one we especially like.

art & agriculture: shauna lee lange.  we’re exploring the intersections of art, agriculture, agritourism, and agrarian systems.  941/875.5190.




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